So you want to download a copy of this website for yourself to put on your site?!

Ok, It's Yours! Free! There are a few things you should know though....


Make sure you read this stuff before you download it:

  • This website is made using ASP ("Active Server Pages"), therefore your website will need to support ASP for this to work. If you don't have ASP support and you upload this script to your site, it won't work.
  • This website uses a database (*.MDB) to store your username and password information, so your website also needs to support databases.
  • It is Very Important to change the name of your database, because a lot of other people download this script, so if you keep the same name it comes with then everyone will know the address of your database and be able to download it and see your Username and password. So You MUST change the database name and update Login.asp, Join.asp, and ForgotPassword.asp with the new address.
  • You need to be able to give a folder WRITE ACCESS (or you need to be able to arrange for someone else to do it for you). The folder you put the database in needs to have write access, and so does the "Diary" folder, because that's where the entries are stored.

    Did you Understand all of that? I hope so!  
  • If you are ready to Download the site then Click Here.